Monday, 22 August 2016

Java runtime version is 1.3 or later is installed correctly

Error is shown as below:
Error No: 53
Desc: File not found
Please confirm that
1) Java runtime version is 1.3 or later is installed correctly
2) The Java executable is accessible through the Windows Path or the Java Home directory is entered in the Preview tab of the options dialog

Go to BI Publisher menu in Word.
Tools - > options -> preview tab.
Java home should be selected there, if not select it.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Import Standard Purchase Orders Error PO_PDOI_GRP.start_process.

error log:

Routine fdpsql cannot read the file /test/TEST/AP/apps/apps_st/appl/po/12.0.0/sql/PO_PDOI_GRP.start_process.

1. Navigate to System Administrator -> Concurrent -> Program -> Define
2. Search for the program 'Import Standard Purchase Orders'.
3. If  Executable method = 'SQL*Plus', then Select the LOV beside Executable 'POXPDOI' and reselect the executable as 'POXPDOI'
4. Now identify that the executable method has been changed as 'PL/SQL Procedure'
 Test and run the program import standard purchase orders. Program will
get completed successfully and should not get any error as

Friday, 21 August 2015

Responsibility does not have access to the SR Type

Service Request Creation Error API Error..(cs_servicerequest_pub.create_servicerequest)

After running API getting the below error.

Responsibility does not have access to the SR Type

The error because of the 'Case Management'  responsibility not assigned to the user. Please add and retry.

Validation : CS_ServiceRequest_UTIL.Validate_Type

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Word application is running. please close word application and retry

I down loaded the BI Publisher desktop version. when I install it, it pops up a dialog

"Word application is running. please close word application and retry installation"
then, it stops installation.

I had the same problem. Word was not open when I tried the installation (although it had been previously) but I had the same error.

However I did have Outlook open which I have set to use Word as the email editor so it might be something to do with that.

After closing Outlook installed without any issues.

Friday, 10 July 2015

ORA-20001: HR_51855_QUA_CCY_INV

Getting the error ORA-20001: HR_51855_QUA_CCY_INV when creating the pay element.

Select * From Fnd_New_Messages
where message_name='HR_51855_QUA_CCY_INV'

This currency code is invalid as it does not exist in the fnd_currencies table.

I have verified the Currency and its enabled. And checked the API parameters and all..The error message is  not clear to debug. Finally set the p_effective_date  => '01-JAN-1951'  from SYSDATE then its working.

Cannot find a J2SE SDK installed ( Sql Devloper)

Steps to add path in Windows 7 64bit is as follows:

1. Right click on My computer, then click on properties.
2. On left pane click on "Advanced system settings".
3. Click on "Advanced>Envionment Variables"
4. In system variables box under Variable column look for text "Path".
5. Select that row and click on Edit. 
6. In "Variable Value" text box append the path of java installation seperated by other path with ";" in my case I appened it with ";C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0\bin"
7. Then just click on ok and then run the application which is giving you this error.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Error Message from table type : IBY_EXT_PAYEE_NOT_EXIST

Getting the below error when use iby_disbursement_setup_pub.update_external_payee to update Supplier Notification Delivery method etc

Error Message from table type : IBY_EXT_PAYEE_NOT_EXIST

Fix :Please make sure are the below required parameters passing to API.
   p_external_payee_tab_type   iby_disbursement_setup_pub.external_payee_tab_type;
   p_ext_payee_id_tab_type     iby_disbursement_setup_pub.ext_payee_id_tab_type;
        p_external_payee_tab_type (i).payment_function := 'PAYABLES_DISB';
         p_external_payee_tab_type (i).remit_advice_delivery_method := 'PRINTED';
         p_external_payee_tab_type (i).exclusive_pay_flag := 'N';
         p_external_payee_tab_type(i).Payer_Org_Id := v_site.Org_Id;
         p_external_payee_tab_type(i).Payer_Org_Type :='OPERATING_UNIT';
         p_external_payee_tab_type(i).Supplier_Site_Id :=v_site.Supplier_Site_Id;
         p_external_payee_tab_type (i).payee_party_id := v_site.payee_party_id;
         p_ext_payee_id_tab_type (i).ext_payee_id := v_site.ext_payee_id;