Thursday, 22 September 2016

identifier 'CALENDAR.EVENT' must be declared

Compiling APPCORE_TO_CALENDAR trigger on form... 
Compilation error on APPCORE_TO_CALENDAR trigger on form: 
PL/SQL ERROR 201 at line 1, column 1 
identifier 'CALENDAR.EVENT' must be declared 
PL/SQL ERROR 0 at line 1, column 1 
Statement ignored

 Compile the GLOBE.pll located in the resource directory 
 Compile APPSTAND.fmb located in resource directory 

Then Compile relevant form..

Thursday, 8 September 2016


Define Security Profiles (using form function 'Define Global Security Profile'
Enter a unique name for the security profile.
To restrict access by discrete list of organizations,
select 'Secure organizations by organization hierarchy and/or organization list'
Check the Exclude Business Group check box to remove the business group in the list of organizations.

Use the Classification field to limit the list of values (LOV) in the Organization Name field. For example,
if you select the classification to Operating Unit, only operating units will display in the LOV.
In the organization name field, select the Operating Unit for which you want access.

Run the concurrent program 'Security List Maintenance' from the standard request submission form.
Update  MO: Security Profile

Friday, 26 August 2016

Dist Variance : Total of invoice distributions does not equal invoice amount

Issue       : Getting error when validates Payable Invoice.
Cause     : No distribution lines exists for Invoice.
Solution : Enter  default distribution account at Invoice line level and then validate.


Thursday, 25 August 2016

APP-AST-207069: This User ID Has Not Been Set Up As a Sales Force

Step1  Create employee
Step2  Import as Resource in CRM
Step3  assign Roles

HR Responsibility:
 •Setup employee
 •People>Enter & Maintain
 •Enter name, birthday, gender, SSN and Save
 •Note the employee number

CRM Resource Manager Responsibility

  •Resource Manager
  •Maintain Resourcee
  •Import Resourcee
   Enter the Employee Number created in HR and Search
   Click on  Start Import
   Note the Resoucre number
   Enter Resoucre number
   Enter the Login User name in the User name Box
   add below roles
   Collections Administrator
   Collections Agent
   Collections Manager  
   And save.

  Now you can access collections/Work Queue



Monday, 22 August 2016

Java runtime version is 1.3 or later is installed correctly

Error is shown as below:
Error No: 53
Desc: File not found
Please confirm that
1) Java runtime version is 1.3 or later is installed correctly
2) The Java executable is accessible through the Windows Path or the Java Home directory is entered in the Preview tab of the options dialog

Go to BI Publisher menu in Word.
Tools - > options -> preview tab.
Java home should be selected there, if not select it.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Import Standard Purchase Orders Error PO_PDOI_GRP.start_process.

error log:

Routine fdpsql cannot read the file /test/TEST/AP/apps/apps_st/appl/po/12.0.0/sql/PO_PDOI_GRP.start_process.

1. Navigate to System Administrator -> Concurrent -> Program -> Define
2. Search for the program 'Import Standard Purchase Orders'.
3. If  Executable method = 'SQL*Plus', then Select the LOV beside Executable 'POXPDOI' and reselect the executable as 'POXPDOI'
4. Now identify that the executable method has been changed as 'PL/SQL Procedure'
 Test and run the program import standard purchase orders. Program will
get completed successfully and should not get any error as

Friday, 21 August 2015

Responsibility does not have access to the SR Type

Service Request Creation Error API Error..(cs_servicerequest_pub.create_servicerequest)

After running API getting the below error.

Responsibility does not have access to the SR Type

The error because of the 'Case Management'  responsibility not assigned to the user. Please add and retry.

Validation : CS_ServiceRequest_UTIL.Validate_Type