Monday, 28 November 2016

Java runtime version is 1.3 or later is installed correctly

1) Java runtime version is 1.3 or later is installed correctly
2) The Java executable is accessible through the Windows Path or the Java Home directory is entered in the Preview tab of the options dialog


Go to BI Publisher menu in Word.
Tools - > options -> preview tab.

Java home should be selected there, if not select it.

Monday, 14 November 2016

PPR Document Validation error

This post explains the reason for following PPR Document validation error:

PPR Status: Failed Document Validation
Validation Error: Payment Profile on document is not compatible with payment format on document.

Cause of the error: This error occurs when the Payment Format assigned to the Payment Process Request  is different from the Payment Format assigned to Supplier Site.
fix : 

1. Make sure to use Payment Process Profile which has same Payment Format  as Supplier Site.
2. Change the Payment Format on supplier site same as Payment Process Profile being used.

Process to update Payment Format for a Supplier Site:

Responsibility: Payables Super User
Navigation: Suppliers → Entry

Query the form with Supplier Name/Number.
1.  Click on Payment Details
2.  Click on Update Payment Details under Supplier Site
3.  Click on Payment Specifications Tab
4.  Update Payee Specified Payment Format

Friday, 21 October 2016

ZX_TAX_MULTIALLOC_TO_SAMELN Error during Payables Invoice Import

If there are multiple tax lines entered in the ap_invoice_lines_interface table with different tax regime information, and there are multiple item lines, then the following columns must be populated correctly in the ap_invoice_lines_interface table.


Column Item_line 1Item_line 2Tax_line 1Tax_line 2

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Invalid Liability - Liability account is invalid

Payables Import Program

Check Liability account  setup in AP System Parameters.

where org_id = &org_id 


The liability account is setup in Payables however the value in the system tables is -1.

  • Responsibility: Payables
  • Navigation: Setup > Option > Financials
    • Setup the first field :  Liability
    • The Liability account is well setup

SQL statement returns the value -1.


If the statement reruns 0 rows then configure liability account 

If the statement reruns -1

  1. Change Liability field to temporary value
    • Responsibility: Payables
    • Navigation: Setup > Option > Financials
      • Setup the first field : Liability with a different value 
      • Save
  2. Change Liability field to correct value
    • Responsibility: Payables
    • Navigation: Setup > Option > Financials
      • Setup the first field : Liability with the correct value 
      • Save
Run the SQL again and ensure a row is returned with the correct value.

To process  current data in in AP_INVOICES_INTERFACE table you may need to update ACCTS_PAY_CODE_COMBINATION_ID to the right value insteadof the currrent one (-1) . 

Thursday, 22 September 2016

identifier 'CALENDAR.EVENT' must be declared

Compiling APPCORE_TO_CALENDAR trigger on form... 
Compilation error on APPCORE_TO_CALENDAR trigger on form: 
PL/SQL ERROR 201 at line 1, column 1 
identifier 'CALENDAR.EVENT' must be declared 
PL/SQL ERROR 0 at line 1, column 1 
Statement ignored

 Compile the GLOBE.pll located in the resource directory 
 Compile APPSTAND.fmb located in resource directory 

Then Compile relevant form..

Thursday, 8 September 2016


Define Security Profiles (using form function 'Define Global Security Profile'
Enter a unique name for the security profile.
To restrict access by discrete list of organizations,
select 'Secure organizations by organization hierarchy and/or organization list'
Check the Exclude Business Group check box to remove the business group in the list of organizations.

Use the Classification field to limit the list of values (LOV) in the Organization Name field. For example,
if you select the classification to Operating Unit, only operating units will display in the LOV.
In the organization name field, select the Operating Unit for which you want access.

Run the concurrent program 'Security List Maintenance' from the standard request submission form.
Update  MO: Security Profile

Friday, 26 August 2016

Dist Variance : Total of invoice distributions does not equal invoice amount

Issue       : Getting error when validates Payable Invoice.
Cause     : No distribution lines exists for Invoice.
Solution : Enter  default distribution account at Invoice line level and then validate.